More than a wish…


AA1yearold copy

Happy Birthday Baby, 1961


Something young in me will never die-

Another year circles

The wheel turns as I ride this bird of fate

More than a mere girl

with only her beauty to parade,

My old heart has its’ own mystery

that bewilders even my keenest wisdom.


I am the child I never had,

The fool with a feast of beginnings

My lost years found in late bloom

I have been here before my birth

with eyes wide open full of wonder

hearing the sweet music of my soul

lead the way.


What a grand ball this earth is

A beautiful life in a crazy world.


Allyson Lee Adams

February 23, 2015

Awesome 11-Year-Old Calls Out Sexism In DC Entertainment


From the mouths of babes!

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For all those DC loving girls out there, Rowan Hansen, an astute and incredibly awesome 11-year-old girl has just done us all a massive favour.

It’s no secret that male heroes dominate the cape crusading on the big and silver screen. This is just one part of the sexism problem in our culture. Every year we see re hashes of Batman and Superman, we’ve seen TV series reach phenomenal success for The Flash and Arrow and yet there are no Wonder Woman, Supergirl, or Hawkgirl series gracing our screens.

This is when this witty, smart talking kid jumps in and points out if Marvel can make a movie about a talking tree and smart ass raccoon, then surely DC could make heroes like Wonder Woman into a blockbuster.

We salute Rowan and the letter she penned to DC expressing her concerns.




Not only does she outline the serious lack of…

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Whale Song

Whales are the great communicators of the ocean with the largest brain of all mammals, even humans. The songs of the Humpback whale are haunting and magical. Migratory journeys of female and baby whales are legendary. The sperm whales attract thousands of viewers every year who wait in suspense for their monumental leap breaking the surface of the water.

Here is a story about whale watching in New Zealand, 1997.

Kai Koura, South Island, New Zealand

5:30 a.m. – Sunrise

Seeing a whale is never guaranteed, but we all set out hopeful. “Whale Watch” is 8 ½ years in operation in Kai Koura with three residential whales; Sharkey, Knuckles and Droopy Flukes, the famous sperm whale who has been here since they started, and probably longer.

We journey out toward wild waters but see nothing. You can feel the disappointment on the boat among us camera- ready tourists who aren’t used to waking up this early.

“We’re going to see one,” I think.

Suddenly, we hear the whale cry and it’s a exhilarating chase as we push out to sea. My stomach is rumbling with excitement. Not so for the chap across from me who is grimacing and rolling his eyes. Next thing he is gone. A rock and roll of ecstacy reaches down to my knees. I am prepared with camera. Then the boat stops.

“Well, we lost that race,” says Joey, our guide.

“We’re never going to see one,” I think.

The boat speeds up again. Droopy, the famous sperm whale appears. Droopy Flukes been feeding here a long time about 8-9 kilometers offshore. Droopy gets the closest to shore, is the oldest and territorial. Most younger whales will be chased off.

Whales can hold their breath for 2 hours. Joey, our whale guide, knows the behavior of each whale. Droopy is about 1 ½ hours, usually 40-60 minutes. Whales float and oxygenate- then stretch, move, increase speed (not much) then submerge, then come up and dive, lifting the tail, which doesn’t last long. One must be quick with the camera and ready. The 95$ shot. The reason for everyone’s trip.

We are warned he is about to flip his tail and my camera won’t shoot! Holy shit, what’s this? There’s a light flashing on my camera that I’ve never seen before. Do I dare look at my manual in front of all these foreigners? How embarrassing. What’s more important, saving face or Droopy’s tail?

I whip out my manual. Ah, the battery is low. Nothing I can do about that way the hell out here, except pray. Something I have been doing a lot lately. Not out of dire need, but because I am becoming more spiritual.

I steady my camera. The tail is coming, so I just hold the button down, praying and cursing at the same time. “Please…damn it…come on…” Tail rising, flukes up…CLICK.

Perfect. I got the $95 shot! th-1

There is a goddess by the sea and I give thanks. Mana Wahine (sacred woman) smiles on me.

We saw 3 whales that day, which is lucky, usually they only see 2. 3 is “bonus” a catchy term Kiwi’s use. Plus we see Dusky Dolphins! Most unusual on this trip, we are told.

I never see the grimacing chap from earlier until we are loading the bus and his girlfriend is warmly mocking him. He hangs his head but at least some color is coming back into his cheeks. The mood is light hearted and everyone seems to have woken up from their morning coma, with a chattiness in the air. People make eye contact and share a knowing smile as if being touched by the sea’s good vibrations and fellow aquatic inhabitants. A successful day for the Whale Watch excursion and my travels to new and bigger waters.

Every person has a whale song inside them. Our whale song is that deep story waiting to be told; the beauty of feelings and the longing of the soul. What is your whale song?

(photo and video were not taken by me)

A Child’s Dark Night (excerpt from The Daddy Box)


I can’t sleep because my Daddy is in trouble. He seems nervous all the time. No cameras around make me feel things are bad. Mommy and Daddy still fight, even Nana can’t stop them. There were lots of cameras when we were in Japan and Daddy was making a movie.

All I know is that when other people are around, you smile. It is never okay to forget to smile if there is a camera around. Looks are very important. You never know when someone might be taking your picture? It’s very important to get your picture taken as much as possible so that it can be in magazines.

Sometimes Daddy takes me and Jeb places just so we can get our picture taken. I always smile and know who has the camera and how to pose according to the mood and occasion. I don’t know how I know, but I do.

I try to go to sleep with the covers pulled up around my neck to protect me from the vampire I know is going to get me if I ever let my guard down. I try to stay awake as long as possible so I can catch his shadow in the window. My plan is to scream for help but I’m afraid I will shout air since that is what happened when Andy’s kids locked me in the closet with a Boogie man mask hanging on the light bulb. That was the worst night of my life. I screamed and just air came out. No one could hear me.

If the vampire comes, I have two plans. One is to sneak away. Two is to make friends with it. I will tell him I have seen all his movies and that he’s wonderful, but if he was smart, he would just kiss those pretty girls instead of biting them because that is what they really want. Even though it is a nice effect coming through the lace curtains blowing in the wind, he would scare people less if he just used the door. Then I fall asleep, but not tonight.

Daddy went to Mexico to make a movie and promised to bring me back a donkey for my eighth birthday that is 18 days away. I hope it’s a real donkey because once I wanted a Chihuahua and he gave me a Terrier. Daddy didn’t think I would know but I looked it up in a Dog Encyclopedia. Yep, different dog. I guess he thought that because it was small it would be okay. But this time I want a real donkey for my party.

I really want a pony, but since he’s going to Mexico, I think a donkey will be quicker. Daddy promised and gave me a hug on the stairs. I like to climb four steps high and fall into his arms and so I did. It would have made a good picture.

I still can’t sleep so I get my Japanese music box and bring it to bed with me. It plays Sakura when I lift the lid on the piano. I loved Japan and was sad when we left because the maids gave us a big box of origami with a thousand cranes in every color.origami thousand cranes It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Rainbows of birds, animals and flowers. We had to leave it behind because we couldn’t take it on the plane, but I got to keep this music box they gave me.

That’s probably why my wish didn’t come true. There is a Japanese luck story that says if you fold a thousand cranes you will get a wish. The pretty maids came to our hotel room everyday and taught Jeb and me how to fold the little paper birds. I was folding as many as I could.

Tokyo was strange and busy, where everyone smokes. Mommy and Daddy were separated and then got back together for me and Jeb. We all flew to Tokyo, and Nana too, because Mommy would need someone to talk to because Daddy would be working all the time playing an astronaut that saves the world from Godzilla.

_invasion planete x15

Landing in Tokyo was crazy because we went from hotel to hotel with Daddy running to the windows to see if they opened. When they didn’t, we would all jump back in the taxi and Mommy would say “Oh God Nick,” as we drove to the next hotel to repeat the same routine. Finally at the Hilton they had real windows that opened and were not sealed shut because Daddy needed real air. We finally found the perfect hotel at the Hilton, the most magical place ever.

There were Toucans inside the hotel. The owner was a real Sumo wrestler with a fat belly and walked around with a black rubber band up his bare bottom and his shiny black hair in a bun. Big, huge goldfish in orange, black and white called Koi swam in ponds that were INSIDE the hotel.

In Japan, people bow to you and are nice and polite. The mothers carry their babies on their back so I tied my Tiny Tears to my back too. That made everybody smile. When people have a cold they wear a mask so germs don’t spread. I think that’s a good idea.

I learned to say goodbye in Japanese. Sayonara. Onogato means thank you. Never blow your nose in a napkin. Daddy did and Mommy was embarrassed. She was embarrassed when we were in the elevator and the doors started to close before the people could get on.

Daddy put his hands between those doors like Hercules and made a really loud noise and opened those doors with his bare hands! People clapped and took pictures. When all the people were gone Mommy said, “God Nick, do you always have to be such an ass?” Which is a bad word, but Mommy said it anyway. This was before Daddy called Mommy a horse. The baddest word.

Daddy called Mommy a horse on the phone when he didn’t know I was there. Then he said that was the baddest word in the world and to never say it. So I whispered that word to all the kids at school.
“You mean the horse you ride?”
“No, I think it’s a different kind.”

I don’t want to think about that so I think of –
Cherry blossoms,
and the ladies wearing silk kimonos pouring tea,
smoky churches with waving flags and bald men in red robes.
Roosters running all around.
I remember the white triangle Mount Fuji
and the little miniature Godzilla standing tall
over a model of Tokyo city inside the studio.
Mommy, Daddy, me, Jeb and Nana all posing
for a picture at the airport with everybody smiling.
The wind is howling but we smile anyway.

Me and Jeb think Mommy and Daddy are back together, but we’re wrong.

invasion planete x5

I listen to Sakura over and over rewinding the little knob so it will keep playing,

Finally I can barely keep my eyes open.

I hope I get a donkey.

 – A man screams in the darkness. Don’t take me! Bad men in black are whispering, I can’t understand what they are saying, it’s a strange sound I’ve never heard like an echo with deep low voices. The room is so dark, where am I? A basement, dungeon? A scary movie? The man is fighting with the men. I see his hands reaching up, he’s shouting No, No. I see blank faces, I can’t see faces, only dark suits, he’s fighting with no clothes on. They drag him from his bed. They are all around him in a circle. A hand raises and the man is quiet. The dark figures carry him out above their heads in a line. A door opens and they are gone.- th-2

I wake up from a bad dream screaming Daddy! Then I hear mommy crying in the living room.

I’ve never heard mommy cry like this. I had heard her cry a lot since she and Daddy were going through the divorce and sometimes after we went to the court we couldn’t see her. Usually she tries not to show it, like she is crying inside. Not tonight, I can hear her loud and clear.

Daddy told us she was bad and that he loved us the most because he bought us all our toys. I didn’t think my Mommy was bad and I told that to the Judge. I said I wanted to live with them both and that I loved them both the same.

The Judge didn’t believe me because she gave me and Jeb to Daddy. I don’t know why because Mary, the maid, always takes care of us in Watts where we aren’t allowed to sit on the furniture. I’m always still hungry after we eat liver and ketchup with rice, and sugar if we can sneak it. We have fun with Mary’s 5 kids running around the neighborhood and we all sleep in the same bed. I wonder what would happen if Jeb got caught stealing those candy bars from the market? But I don’t think he will because he’s really good at it.

The best part is singing at Baptist Church where me and Jeb are the only white people and were dunked in a pool with our clothes on. The only time Mary is happy is when she’s clapping her hands to Rockin My Soul in the bosom of Abraham. Then one day Daddy showed up and said “Come on kids, you belong with your Mom,” and we left.

The phone rings again. I make myself get out of bed because I’m not allowed to be afraid and go down the long, dark hallway with pictures on the wall with everyone smiling. My knees are shaking.

I get to the living room high above Sunset Strip with a million lights twinkling below. A wall of glass shows the glowing blue pool shaped like a kidney. The long cord to Mommy’s gold princess phone reaches across to the middle of the carpet where Mommy is crumpled up. She picks up the phone and I hear a voice. Then click. Mommy is so upset when she see’s me she cries “Go back to bed.” She hugs me but I know she means it and I run back to my room.

I don’t want vampires to get me so I pull my covers up around my neck and watch the window for any shadows. Why is Mommy crying? I’m scared. My dolls will protect me. He’s got the whole world in his hands, he’s got the itty bitty baby in his hands, he’s got you and me brother in his hands, he’s got the whole world in his hands...I wonder if Jeb is okay?

I can still hear Mommy crying.

I know my Daddy is dead.


(Excerpt from “The Daddy Box, a daughter’s memoir” by Allyson Lee Adams. Copyright 2008-2015)

Jeannette Rankin

jeannette_real “The winds of change are blowing and it’s time to hang onto your hats!”

The first woman elected to Congress, and the only person to vote against both World Wars, was suffragist Jeannette Rankin. I mention her now because her message of peace is still needed today and lately she has been in the news.  theater_photo_title I spent 10 years promoting peace and telling her story while I was in Montana, hoping more people would learn about her. I wrote, directed, produced and portrayed Jeannette in “Peace is a Woman’s Job” that aired on Montana PBS, and toured a one woman show “Moment of Peace” throughout Montana schools, libraries, museums, colleges and Masonic Lodges. You name it, I did it.

Here is the trailer to the movie I made. 

I watched it again the other night with an 11 year old girl that enjoyed it very much. When I asked her what she got out of watching the movie she said, “Never give up on what you believe in.” Cool, that’s exactly why I made it.

As a suffragist, Jeannette worked tirelessly to give women the right to vote in her state of Montana. Then once Montana gave women the vote, it was the women that asked Jeannette to run for office. She ran a long and hard campaign and won! Her first vote in Congress was whether or not to enter WWI. Jeannette was one of 55 members who voted against entry into WWI. This vote was to shape the rest of her life.

Twenty- five years later, history would repeat itself when Jeannette would be elected to Congress for a second time, and her first vote would be whether or not to enter WWII, otherwise known as The Great War.

I realize that Jeannette Rankin’s NO vote against WWII is, and was, very controversial. Many people still hate her for what they believe was an unpatriotic stance against war. What she said was this…”As a woman I cannot go to war, so I refuse to send anyone else.” She spoke these words after trying to be recognized by the Speaker of the House for hours. Upon uttering these words, she was booed and called a traitor, Nazi and skunk!

Jeannette fled the chambers and locked herself in a phone booth until security could escort her to her office. Jeannette paid dearly for her beliefs and quickly became known as the Lone Dissenter. Her political career was over because she voted based on the platform she campaigned for.

Jeannette did not believe that murdering humans was any way to settle a political dispute. She said, “You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.” Jeannette never regretted her decision and believed she was born to vote for peace. She knew her vote would not stop us from going to war, but she did it to make a point.

Personally, I believe it was important that United States and its allies win WWII. The cost was devastating but the Japanese and Hitler had to be stopped. I had a feisty WWII veteran in my audience who shouted out during my performance, “If we hadn’t fought WWII, we’d all be speaking Japanese! And Jeannette Rankin was never that good looking!”

So I understand the fury toward her that still exists today. Although I think it’s important to point out that her vote was not anti-Semitic. Because of the Holocaust, many people think U.S. fought WWII to save the Jews and get them out of the concentration camps. This is not so. The atrocities that were going on against the Jews came to light after we were already in the war. Once we were in the war, Jeannette helped the war effort back at home by participating with the introduction of the G.I. Bill that would help soldiers when they returned home.

You can visit my website to learn more about Jeannette Rankin and the work I did with young people in Montana at

People like to say that there will always be war. Violence only creates more violence. Has war solved any problems lately? Peace starts within and takes flight from there with simple acts of kindness. Thank you for reading this.

Please share your thoughts. If you would like to learn more about Jeannette Rankin, you can read the book that inspired me! “Flight of the Dove” by Kevin Giles Flight of the Dove on Amazon



Xmas Special Film Noir –Mary Poppins


Who knew the author of Mary Poppins was a bohemian?

Originally posted on Howard Jackson:

Mary Poppins

The movie, Saving Mr Banks, portrays the creator of Mary Poppins, P L Travers, as stiff-necked.  Some Americans think that if you drink tea from a cup and saucer it automatically follows.  Travers was a bohemian and a fan of the wandering hippie prototype, George Gurdjieff.  The Beatles discovered their equivalent, Mararishi Mahesh Yogi, in the late 60s.  The film, Mary Poppins, was released in 1964.  This has significance.  Mary Poppins appears and tells children and their parents that we live in a crushing conformist world.  In the decade that followed, teenagers argued that the lives of adults were unbearable.  For a brief period, people believed we were obliged to escape the demands of the money making machine.

Mary was adamant.  All we need to do is relax and laugh and we can float up to the ceiling.  Unlike Poppins and the children, the bank manager dies from laughing…

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