The Road South

I was lucky enough to get out of town for 12 days and head south to Sedona Arizona with my compadre Leslie and her dachshund, Louie. Seasoned travelers, all of us, we took Leslie’s car because it’s a Toyota Highlander, has Sirius radio and drives like a dream. There’s a lot of wide open spaces between Virginia City Montana and Arizona. Yeah, like Utah. America the beautiful never rang so true as it did along Highway 89.

flowers and grey clouds

Flowers and grey clouds.


Louie our mascot.


Mystic Hot Springs, Utah


Monument Valley Tribal National Park.

Tribal Flags

West Mitten with Tribal flags.

Eagle Sedona

Enchantment Village in Sedona.


From the Mariposa Restaurant (exquisite) at sunset in Sedona.


More magic with an early morning buck in the front yard.

Kuan Yin

Stunning Kuan Yin.

orange buddha

Sleeping orange Buddha.

Buddha hand




Merlin in front of Whole Foods, Sedona.

Prickly Pear Margaritas

Prickly Pear Margaritas from the cactus I picked in the yard. True to its name, the little needles were everywhere and I made syrup from the juice. Hurts so good.

Red Road

On the red road again.

Monument Ally

Love the wide open spaces.


Our friends, friend, made this. Happy Trails!



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