Independent Horror Movie Awards

I  just got this for my script Rusalka Revenge. 

Rusalka Revenge is a supernatural thriller that plays out like a dark, erotic fairy tale. Olena’s story is rooted in Ukrainian history, culture and myth that twists with family secrets, loss and the supernatural. With the help of Baba and Aunt Margaret, Olena realizes she has “the sight” which allows her to see the dead, and hear them. Olena has returned to make peace with her father’s suicide and face her own demons, when she is overcome with the mystery of the young women who have died violently at the lake, who the locals call Rusalkas. Now, they are calling to Olena for some unfinished, karmic business, and her new lover may be a ghost.

Let’s make a movie! We will be launching our crowdfunding campaign in the New Year 2019! Stay tuned.