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IMG_0308Here are some testimonials from the 3rd Annual Virginia City Winter Writer’s Retreat this February 2018 at the Elling House Arts and Humanities Center in Virginia City, Montana. A magical time was had by all!

“Once again you’ve outdone yourself with the Montana Writer’s Retreat. You juggled multiple genres—non-fiction essays, memoir, poetry, fiction—as well as diverse writing levels and project goals. You’re also sensitive to where each writer is at personally and any external pressures in their lives.

With all those factors in mind, while providing unified instruction for the group, you also customize writing exercises for each participant. You allow the group to chat and bond and then gently bring us back to the page. All beautifully balanced, well done.

Oh, and the food—nourishment of the body and brain! I’d need to write another post devoted solely to that!”

My Heartfelt Thanks,

“For one who has always found excuses to put off a dream, I am so glad I finally did not! This retreat was nourishing to my body (artful, creative, body pleasing food); soul (mentoring, encouragement, direction and such deep knowledge shared from a true professional); and heart (Allyson gave us permission to be selfish, make it about “us”, so “we were not there to make friends”,
but WE DID)

Karen McMullin

“In my in-between art project times, I’m building bridges between current skills & experience to…where I want to go.

The amount of wisdom, engagement, and encouragement from these amazing writers was priceless. Thank you Allyson for leading and nurturing the way Keep pushing your limits of what you believe is possible for you to accomplish and in growing… both as an artist and an amazing human

Mary Riitano

“This was a true learning experience for me, with so many bottled up ideas just running over my already full glass of wine….apple, grape, red and white!!! Just can’t wait for the next one!!! Thanks Allyson, and so nice to be able to share in a group that was warm, welcoming and easy. Much Love, when outside it was 0 degrees, inside was warm and purring. A motor running on all cylinders.”

Donna Jones


Bozeman Spring Montana Writer’s Retreat

April 27-29, 2018

“Juice” by Faye Maddox Photography

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Feb. 16-18, 2018

3rd Annual Virginia City Winter

Writer’s Retreat

Amber Rose Mason at The Elling House Arts and Humanities Center, Virginia City, Montana.  Faye Maddox Photography. 2017



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We had a magical and productive Summer Writer’s Retreat up at the beautiful Diamond J Ranch in Ennis, Montana during August 18-21, 2016. Here are some photos of our group and experience at the ranch!

“Restore your creative spirit in the heart of the Rockies.”

Amy, Diana, Allyson, Gia and Kyle after Horse Healing Session.
Last day “Mastery.”
Gia Combs-Ramirez is a great writer, energy healer and owner of Diamond J Ranch Retreats.
Scott McBride in the “zone.”
Amy Hamilton feeling the love.














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Our previous Montana Writer’s Retreat was in Virginia City Montana!Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 4.40.55 PM