Elvis Presley’s Tupelo Homecoming Concert 60 Year Anniversary!

Do you have your copy of The Rebel & The King by Nick Adams? My Dad’s book details his personal experience with Elvis Presley during his return for the September 26, 1956 homecoming concert and 8 days in Memphis with his family. “This is one of the most honest, touching and truthful books I’ve read about Elvis. I had no idea that extent of Nick’s … Continue reading Elvis Presley’s Tupelo Homecoming Concert 60 Year Anniversary!

Going to Graceland


It’s happening, I’m really going to Graceland and taking my Tupelo Honey. This journey is becoming a Elvis pilgrimage to the Kings’ birthplace in Tupelo where a NEW STATUE is being unveiled.  I will be there with a card table, peddling advance copies of The Rebel & The King, tweeting away about the festivities. But first, I will have met the Tupelo Elvis Fan Club with my new good friend, Roy Turner, in the wildest room of Elvis decor done in pink and red with black accent, that I’ve ever seen. (see photo) Can’t wait!  Then it’s to legendary DJ George Klein’s Elvis Sirrius Radio Show in Memphis, a book signing at Booksellers at Laurelwood and head first into Elvis Week Insider’s Conference at Graceland, an all night candlelight vigil for the King’s 35 year anniversary of his death, followed the next night with a VIP reception and music concert with Lisa Marie! I’ve already found a never before seen photo of my Dad, Nick Adams (and author of The Rebel & The King) onstage with Elvis in Tupelo at his Homecoming Concert, Sept. 26, 1956, taking a picture of Elvis with a big box camera.  Cool!  (photo soon to come) People are coming out of the woodwork with photos and stories.  It’s great. I want to thank all the people who are helping me along this path into Elvis Land. All I can say is Love Me Tender and Don’t Be Cruel.  If you want to check out my itinerary it’s under NEWS on http://www.therebelandtheking.com  Enjoy the ride! 

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THE REBEL & THE KING by Nick Adams

UPCOMING NEW BOOK THE REBEL & THE KING by Nick Adams Elvis Presley had just exploded on the American scene and was filming his first movie, Love Me Tender, when he introduced himself to Nick Adams on the backlot of 20th Century Fox. Nick was a struggling actor, part of the Rebel Without A Cause gang and showed Elvis the town, introducing him to Natalie … Continue reading THE REBEL & THE KING by Nick Adams